Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Christmas Purses.

Here are my new Christmas Purses! I have used plane fabrics in the traditional colours rather than using heavy patterned fabrics, this makes the purses appearance more modern. Nicely decorated with a pleated bow and finished off with a themed button. These purses are large enough to hold cards.

        In Stock

If you would like a hand made Christmas purse please get in touch. Comments are welcome :)


Anonymous said...

I recently purchased both of these christmas purses, I am very happy with the quality and price, and I cannot wait to use mine, the other is a gift, they make an ideal christmas present, or gift purse for jewellery!

Anonymous said...

These are very Christmassy ! Looking forward to coming to your stall at the manorial barn. what day is it? maybe you could advertise it on here? :D:D:D